Top 7 makeup brands every woman should know

Makeup is something that has become a basic piece of a ladies’ style. They not only enhance our beauty but also make your skin flawless. Shopping for makeup can always be a doubt as picking the correct brand of cosmetics from the thousands accessible in the market was very difficult. Whatever product we select must be worth spending for everyone. Since, at last, it is a matter of looking good regularly as well as for special occasions. So it is important to buy the products from trusted makeup brands for that here is the list of top Indian makeup brands that are popular among the customers. When in doubt, go through your list.


lakme makeup brand

When it comes to makeup, Lakme is the most reputed brand in India. Lakme is owned by Hindustan Unilever. It is established in the year 1952 by JRD Tata. According to the brand trust report, Lakme is ranked as the 47th most trusted brand in 2011 and ranked 1st in India. Popular celebrity Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador of this brand. If you want the best makeup look that lasts throughout the day go for the Lakme products without any doubt. It delivers high-quality top products to satisfy the beauty needs of its customers at the most affordable price. You can never be disappointed with its products. Twice a year, this brand sponsors Lakme fashion week. However, it is the first brand that acquainted cosmetics with Indian women.


Loreal best makeup brand
“Because I’m worth it”

Loreal is the world’s largest makeup brand. It has been there in India for about 20 years. Loreal India is a subsidiary of loreal which is growing rapidly fast They are working up with influencers like supermodels celebrities, bloggers to spread their image messages online. Many celebrities promote this brand like Deepika Padukon, Aishwarya rai Bachan and many more. However, it offers a wide variety of products at a very affordable price. By using social media platform they gather huge responses from their customers and this is going very well for their brand. They assist you with the hottest look without taking too much time. It gives close attention to the needs of the customers. In conclusion, they have the most famous tagline “Because I’m worth it” and they have proven these four words.


Maybelline makeup brand

Maybelline established in the year 1915 by T.L. It has been launched in India in 1998 with the advanced products it has become the most leading brand. Most popular celebrity Alia Bhatt promote this brand. It is known as the first creator of the black mascara and now it has become famous. Keeping the brand loyalty must be challenging, therefore, they started to focus on the need for Indan females to remain in front of competitors. However, their goal is to improve brand loyalty. They try to achieve the satisfaction of their customers. There is something remarkable about this brand is that all the youthful brands of makeup just can’t compete with. In conclusion, this brand has never let us down in all the years.


Today, the colorbar is one is the most leading makeup brand. Colorbar is established in 2005 and is the quickest developing makeup brand. You will choose the great collection of products within your range. The best thing about this brand is that they have the largest shading portfolio to offer the best shade, correct items to their customers. They are the holder if Guinness world records book. This brand is available online for customer benefits like Nykaa, Amazon, etc. However, their motive is to encourage customers to love themselves and find their internal magic.


Revlon makeup

Revlon is founded in 1932 in the US. It has a versatile range of makeup products and has the best quality products. Launched in India in the mid-1990s it has been the most loved among Indian women. This company is working really hard and has been winning its client’s trust for more than 6 decades. However, it is one of the best makeup brands. It’s products enhance the beauty of the face, long-lasting makeup products, easy to apply. No compelling reason to sit long in front of the mirror. Therefore, it is easy to carry makeup for traveling purposes. This makeup brand is always been in the forefront of makeup trends. Be selfie-prepared whenever, anyplace with an all-new collection of Revlon.


Lotus Herbal is established in the year 1993 by Kamal Passi. This brand is exceptionally close to nature. It is eco-friendly, herbal, preservation free, and 100% vegetarian makeup brand. Science utilize their makeup products as pure and natural. This brand is specialized in creating beauty care products that guarantee to have Ayurveda just as natural goodness. It exports its products to more than 16 countries across the world.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop makeup brand was founded in 1976 in the UK. At present, it has a range of 1,000 items that it sells in around 3,000 franchised stores. It discovers 100% vegetarian products and is one of the trusted makeup brands in India. However, if you are one of the individuals who favor the items that are not animal tested, at that point this brand is best for them. They have a variety of makeup products like lip products, bronzer, blushes and many more at affordable prices. During the most recent decades, body shop builds its brand awareness through various campaigns and made a lot of effort on the environment protection by engaging in many charity campaigns.


Q1. What benefits does makeup brands offer?

A1. Makeup brands offer discounts for their products to their customers. If you buy the products online they will not only give you discounts but also provide you more advantages like free shipping, vouchers, coupons and many more.

Q2. Is Nykaa is the trusted site?

A2. Yes, it is the most trusted and reputed site as it sells genuine products to the customers. I personally recommend purchasing the product from Nykaa.

Q3. How to know that cosmetic product is original or fake?

A3. You have to examine the details of the products like if the printed content is blurred, packaging size or weight, the brand name is mention correctly, packing of the product. If the item appears to be too light for the weight which is declared on the packaging then the product is fake.

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