Natural home remedies for healthy hair growth

Healthy hair

Everybody adores getting praise on their looks. Nowadays, a woman wants to look best and hair is the most significant part of the looks. A hair routine is necessary for healthy hair. Each woman wants long, thick and sparkling hair. Everyone attempts various tips and items for hair care, yet the result is very less effective. Only a few and lucky people have lovely, thick and solid hair and the rest face many difficulties to achieve the beautiful hair. However, many people use the web to see how the hair becomes healthy and longer quickly. So, here are some natural home remedies tips for hair growth. Go and check them out.

What you ought to eat for healthy hair?

Nutrition is not only important for overall health but also for healthy hair. If your body does not have enough nutrients, proteins, unsaturated fats, you fill face hair fall. Eating a healthy diet is the best and quickest method to grow hair.

  1. EGGS- Eggs have a great source of protein, that may help to develop hair growth. Eating sufficient protein is significant for hair development. An absence of protein in the eating routine has appeared to hair loss. They have a great source of zinc, selenium and other healthy hair supplements. It is one best food to consume for hair growth.
  2. SPINACH- It is a healthy green vegetable that has many beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A and C, iron, which is good for hair growth. Insufficiency in this nutrition may cause hair loss.
  3. SWEET POTATO- Sweet potatoes are an incredible source of beta-carotene. The body changes over this compound into nutrient A, which is connected to acceptable hair growth. Research has indicated that vitamin A promotes the creation of sebum, which helps keep hair growth.
  4. NUTS- Nuts are delicious contain a variety of nutrition that is important for healthy hair. They are additionally been connected with other health advantages like cause a low risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation.

How to grow hair naturally?

You can naturally grow your hair fast without relying on the costly salons or treatments. However, by following the normal tips for hair growth, you can develop your hair quickly and naturally. Simply use these ingredients which are effectively available in every kitchen.


  1. Take egg and yogurt and mix them properly.
  2. Put the paste on your hair and wash it after 2 hours.
  3. Eggs will make hair stronger and yogurt will make your hair smooth.


  1. Coconut- Keep your hair healthy
  2. Avocado- moisturize your hair
  3. Oil- make your hair smooth and shiny and helps in the growth of hair.


  1. Take half a cup of milk
  2. Take 2 spoons of honey
  3. Mix them and apply them for 1 hour after that wash it with your shampoo.
  4. This will make your hair smooth. shiny and strong.


  • Blend cleaned papaya and half yogurt and apply it on your hair.
  • Sit for 45 mins and wash with your regular shampoo.
  • This prevents you from dandruff going bald and will make your hair grow.

Natural oils for hair growth

1. Coconut oil- it is one of the best oil for hair growth. It is very versatile and best for hair. This oil contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals that are very essential for hair growth. Always heat the oil before applying it. However, heating oil gives the best result. Oil is suitable for every hair type, and it is significantly good for those with dry, harmed or dull hair. Apply this oil regularly over the period of time you will get the best result. However, It is likewise suggested to those people with moderate hair growth.

2. Almond oil- Almond oil is the best oil for hair. This oil contains vitamin E, fatty acid, proteins, which helps in reducing hair breakage which results in hair growth. However, it is the best oil for the growth of hair. The most suitable oil for every hair type. You can apply this oil and leave it overnight for the best result.

3. Olive oil- A flexible oil, it has moisturizing properties. This oil contains vitamin E which is good for hair development. Olive oil renews the scalp, sustains the hair roots and advances the development of hair strands. However, gives a smooth texture to the hair. It protects your hair from heat damage and makes your damaged hair healthy.

Other oils for hair growth-

4. Castor oil- This oil is very thick but it is also the best oil for growth of hair. It contains omega-9 fatty acid which helps in nourishing the hair. Put the oil and massage it over your roots as well as all your hair nicely to get the best result. However, because of its thick tendency, it is very difficult to apply it on your hair, in that case, you can mix this oil with coconut oil or almond oil. Your hair grows fast and becomes shinier.

5. Amla oil– There are many significant benefits of this oil such as improve the quality of the hair, wipe out dandruff, prevent hair loss and make your hair healthier. Amla oil is derived from the amla tree. Various medicines are made up of this plant which is much respected. This oil has a high content of vitamin C. However, Massage this oil gently on your hair roots and leaves it for 20 minutes. Wash it well with your shampoo.


Healthy hair tips-

  1. Get a trim: It is important to trim your hair every 8-10 weeks to remove split ends and to start hair growth well.
  2. Treat your scalp: Keep your hair roots solid, as soil, oil and dead skin cells can gather on the scalp. Rub the scalp with your fingers as it will improve your blood circulation.
  3. Don’t wash your hair daily: Do not wash your hair daily, wash it every alternate day or third day. The less you wash your hair, it will keep your hair healthy. In winters, wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  4. Eat Healthily: Proper diet is very important for healthy growth. Intake of protein foods like eggs, nuts, pulses, meat, and soya. It is necessary to eat fruits and green vegetables.
  5. Brushing: Do not brush your hair immediately after washing as it will break and damage your hair. Brush your hair smoothly and gently.

Dos for healthy hair growth

  1. Brush your hair two times every day. Always brush from the base to the upside.
  2. Use various brushes for blow-drying and hairstyling.
  3. Always use clean brushes.
  4. Before applying shampoo mix it with water. Do not apply directly to the scalp.
  5. Wash your hair with normal water. Hot water damages your hair.
  6. Oil your hair regularly.
  7. Always eat healthy food.

Don’ts for healthy hair growth

  1. Try not to apply conditioner on your scalp.
  2. Don’t rub your hair with force. Try to dry it with a towel or sunlight.
  3. Try not to blow dry your hair. Use it in a low warm setting.
  4. Don’t doo tight ponytails, plaits as it will destroy your hair.
  5. Try not to keep hair untie during traveling
  6. Don’t use henna.
  7. Try not to brush your hair too much.

Homemade shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo to remove dandruff

  1. Take 1/4 cup of distilled water, 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap, 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 3 tablespoons of apple juice, and 6 ground cloves.
  2. Mix well all the ingredients in the blender.
  3. Apply it the same as you apply your regular shampoo.

Shampoo for hair shine

  1. 1/4 cup of distilled water, 1/4 cup of liquid Castile soap, 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary, 2 tablespoons of almond oil, 1/4 cup of lemon essential oil.
  2. Boil rosemary water and distilled water till you smell the fragrance.

Shampoo for strengthening conditioner

  1. 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of honey.
  2. Take boiling water and melt both in boiling water.
  3. Apply it after your hair washes and wrap in a towel for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash it after 20 minutes and you will find a good result.


Ques1. How do we take care of our hair?

Ans1. Wash your hair with a decent quality cleanser that doesn’t contain sulfate and parabens. You should keep your hair and scalp clean by washing twice or thrice seven days. use conditioner according to your hair type. Avoid brushing your wet hair as it will damage your hair.

Ques 2. In a week how many times should we wash our hair?

Ans 2. It relies upon the hair people with normal to dry hair you can wash it once per week, However, people with oily hair wash your hair in alternate days or third day.

Ques 3. Why it is important to use a hair conditioner?

Ans 3. The shampoo cleans the scalp, and yet, it leaves the hair dry. Conditioners work by smoothing down the hair to making it look smooth and glossy. However, it is important to conditioner your hair.

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