How to apply makeup highlighter- Some tips to follow

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Highlighter is one of the best makeup products. Nowadays, it’s the most trendy makeup product as it is used by every woman. However, It enhances your makeup look and makes your face look more glowing. It helps your skin a lovely shading lift and enhance your bone structure too. Applying it is the easiest thing as it just takes a few seconds and you can just apply it to a couple of little regions of your face. In any case, only a few touches of highlighter can light up your whole face. So, if you are a beginner in doing makeup, just follow these tips.

Method 1Apply it on Cheeks, Nose, and Forehead

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STEP 1. Apply foundation and concealer It is important to apply concealer and foundation before applying highlighter. Concealer can assist with concealing minor blemishes and light up your skin considerably more. However, you can apply foundation before applying highlighter to get the shimmery and flawless look and apply concealer if desired.

  1. Apply foundation and then take a makeup brush and sponge blend your foundation properly on your face.
  2. If you have dark circles and imperfections then apply the concealer it will add some additional inclusion to those regions. This will make it simpler for you to cause to notice the highlighter areas too.
  3. You can likewise apply concealer to delineate the regions where you intend to apply highlighter. Take a little drop of counselor and apply those drops onto your nose, cheekbones, in the down center of the forehead under the eye, and the wrinkle on your jawline. Ensure that you blend the concealer well.

STEP 2. Apply it at the top of the cheekbone- Take a fan makeup brush for highlighter. Apply the highlighter with the help of a fan brush at the top of your cheekbone in the C-shape curve. You can apply more than one layer for the best result. However, apply various layers for a more shiny effect.

STEP 3. Apply it on the tip of your nose- Get a touch of highlighter onto at the tip of your finger and afterward spot it onto the tip of your nose. Move your finger to and fro to mix the highlighter. Apply small amount or just dab a little amount of highlighter on the tip of your nose. If applied properly, you will get the best finishing result.

STEP 4. Apply it down the center of the nose-  To complement the center of the forehead, You can apply some highlighter down the center of the forehead. Start from the center of the forehead and clear straight downwards. If you want the more shimmery and more highlighting effect at that point you can clear the highlighter right down the scaffold of your nose, however, this is optional.

Method 2. Apply it on Eyes, Lips, and chin

STEP 1. Apply it at the corner of your eyes- Take eye shadow brush and then apply highlighter with that brush on the tip of your eyes. Again, take the brush and press it into the edges of your internal eyelids. You can apply two or three layers if you need a progressively sensational impact or simply apply a light tidying for some unpretentious highlights.

STEP 2. Apply it on your bow bones- The area beneath your eyebrows will get a great deal of light, so this is the best area to highlight. So. highlight your bow bones, the zones simply under your eyebrows. Attempt to keep a large portion of the highlighter on the external edges of your brow bone. You do no compelling reason to apply highlighter to your whole brow bone. However, You can likewise broaden the highlighter down towards the wrinkles of your eyelids for an additional eye-lighting up effect.

STEP 3- Dab it above your upper lips- The center of your upper lips is called cupid’s bow and featuring this zone will cause more to notice your lips. Get a limited quantity of highlighter on at the tip of your finger and press it onto this area. Try not to apply the highlighter to your genuine lip, just to the zone directly over your lip.

STEP 4- Highlight the center of the chin- Highlighting the chin you can also cause the notice of your lips. Apply some highlighter at the center of your chin. Be mindful so as not to apply an excessive amount of highlighter to this area. You just need a light cleaning.


QUES 1. Can I put highlighter without applying foundation and other makeup products?

ANS 1. Yes, you can apply highlighter without applying to other products. Apply it on your nose, cheekbones, chin, and where ever you feel like.

QUES 2. Which areas would it be advisable for me to put the highlighter if I’m in a rush?

ANS 2. In case you’re in a rush, you should attempt to highlight your nose, cheekbones, and a little on your jaw and brow. In case you’re truly in a hurry, simply do your cheekbones.


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