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How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape | Blusher Makeup Tutorial ...

Blush is also one of the important makeup product that gives a perfect glow. Many people apply blusher a similar way every day, anyway there are such a significant number of ways that you can be extremely adaptable with your blusher. Although, you can not just accomplish various looks by using different blush, yet by applying blusher in various ways. The important thing is to use the correct application techniques, apply it at the correct areas, and pick a color and texture that work well on your skin to make your become blush look awesome.

So here are some tips on how to apply it and the types of blush so that you can get it according to your skin type and to get the perfect makeup look.

Types of blushers

Powder Blusher

Powder blushers are extremely well known and are incredible for that soft elegant finishing look. This blusher is extraordinary to use over matt foundation as it supplements the matt surface truly well. However, as this is a powdered item, it’s incredible for all skin types. Therefore, it might look flaky on those with exceptionally dry skins.

Cream Blusher

Cream blusher is good for those if they need that dewy impact on the skin. Thus, they praise the foundation that has an additional brilliance to them. However, they compliment tinted moisturizer truly well for that characteristic new look. Using a cream blusher is extraordinary for all skin types separated from oily skin as the cream blush might become pathy and heavy for the skin. To apply a cream become flushed texture on with a level top kabuki brush, and then blend, and contour.

Liquid Blusher

Liquid blusher is extraordinary to use on your foundation. The best thing about it is that you can truly get an intense color by applying it. However, after applying it you have to blend it properly. The most ideal method is to blend it with your finger firstly until the liquid gets fine. When you have done this you can additionally blend it with a brush so the outcome looks consistent. It is suitable for all skin types.

Steps to apply blusher

Part 1- Making sure about the Basics.

1. Apply your base- For the best outcomes, you should initially apply your foundation, then concealer, your bronzer, and afterward your blusher. After applying these things you’ll put on your eyebrow cosmetics, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lastly mascara. In conclusion, it is very important to apply these products step by step and stays where you apply it.

2- Softly clear your brush through your powder blush- In case you’re using powder blush, delicately clear a medium-sized feathery brush through the blush and afterward tap it to expel any excess. However, apply blush to your cheeks and afterward, use a different clean brush to mix well. Blush your cheeks in a downward direction to permit your facial hairs to lie easily on your skin’s surface.

3- Not to blend the liquid blush with fingers– In case you’re using a cream or liquid blush, touch a little on your ring finger and dab little on your cheeks. After that, take a brush or sponge to blend it. For the most natural look, get done with mixing with a blush brush.

4- Remove excess with the tissue- Try not to soften your blush by going over it with a translucent powder since this can make your face color look dull. Rather, hold a tissue level against your face and delicately and ceaselessly press a cosmetics wipe through it to your cheeks to evacuate a little powder. However, if your using cream blush then you can delicately touch your cheeks with simply the tissue.

Part 2- Accompany your face shape with blush

1. Apply blush to a heart-molded face in a “C” shape- In case, if your face is more heart-formed, apply your blush in a bent line from the highest point of your temple down to your cheekbone. However, apply blush softly on your cheekbone area.

2- Avoid putting blush on the apples of your cheeks if your face is round- Try not to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks since this will make your face look progressively round.

3- Go from the cheekbone to the temple if your face is progressively oval. Using delicate strokes move from the most noticeable piece of your cheekbone down towards the ear cartilage. However, don’t forget to add the blush above the temple.

4- Apply blush in a round movement in the event that you have a square face. Although, applying it directly at the apply cheeks roundabout motion to soften features and furthermore cause to notice the most round part of your face.

Part 3- Choosing the blush

1- Purchase baby pink, peach, or transparent plum color in case you’re lighter looking. Light pink and peach will, in general, be the best on lighter skin since they both give the most natural look to your face. Anything sheer, particularly plum, likewise functions admirably on light complexion since it’s on the translucent side and not all that overwhelming contrast.

2- Medium skin tone people can use apricot or mauve blush color. Apricot color is incredible for giving the best effect to medium skin tone while mauve gives a progressively intense feeling of profundity.

3- Olive skin tone people can use rose blush color. Rose gives the perfect fragile, common flush for olive skin. Bronze becomes includes a little warmth while additionally brightening.

4- Dark skin tone people can opt brick, raisin, or splendid tangerine. However, if you have a dark skin tone apply this color for a neutral look.

5- Normal to oily skin people can use powder blush. Powder one is best for these skin types people without any doubt as they leave a matte finish. However, it is probably going to remain on and not need reapplication over longer timeframes.

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QUES 1. Can orange blush is good to apply?

ANS 1. Yes, but use a little brush to apply it. Don’t apply too much blush as it will look bad on your face.

QUES 2. If I have a dark skin tone can I use pink and red blush?

ANS 2. A lighter color consistently works better on darker skin tones.

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