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Quick Bun Hairstyles for Short / Medium Hair - Hair Tutorial ...

Adaptability isn’t only the benefit of those with long tresses. Pretty much any style can be pulled off by ladies with short hair as well, including buns. The general dependable guideline is that in the event that you have hair that is sufficiently long to make a pony, you can mold a bun hairstyle out of it.

The method of turning your hair in an unusual way probably won’t work for short hair. However, be it smooth, or chaotic, or voluminous, you can style a bun with the hair you have and rock it with elan! In this post, I bring to you 5 bun hairstyles for short hair which you can thoroughly pull off without any problem. Look down and look at them.

Low voluminous bun

Ballerina bun tutorial with sleek straight hair

One of the significant worries with short hair buns is the volume. But you can make a good bun hairstyle with some products.

Products Used-

  1. Voluminizing serum
  2. Warmth protectant shower
  3. Blow drier
  4. Brush
  5. Solid hold hairspray

Instructions to Style

  1. Apply a volumizing serum of your decision to soggy hair, aggregating at the roots. Shower a warmth protectant splash and blow-dry, utilizing a low warmth setting.
  2. Part your hair a little off the inside.
  3. Separation the pigtail into three areas and bother to add volume to each.
  4. Take a segment, fold it over the base of the pony, and keep it set up with the assistance of bobby pins. Do likewise with the other two areas.
  5. Shower a solid hold hairspray on a hairbrush and brush through to dodge wayward strands. However, use a medium to solid hold hairspray to set your hair and shield your bun from self-destructing.

Messy top bun


Incredibly adaptable, the messy bun hairstyle can be as easygoing or tasteful as you need it to be. Although, it is anything but difficult to reproduce and ideal for pretty much every event.

Items Used

  1. Texturizing shower
  2. Testing brush

The most effective method to Style-

  1. Apply a texturizing splash to your hair and scrunch tenderly.
  2. Run your fingers through your hair to brush and pull as a lot of it as possible into a braid at the crown. Ensure that you don’t utilize a brush or a brush because the less organized your hair looks, the better it is. However, if the hair tie can’t hold up the entirety of your hair, that is fine. Free rings work for this hairdo.
  3. Divide ponytail into two segments. However, use a testing brush adds volume to them. Conceal the coaxed divide by streamlining the top layer.
  4. Fold one area over the base of the pigtail, and secure it set up with the assistance of bobby pins. At that point, fold the other segment over the first – however the other way – and pin. However, keep the bobby pins from tumbling off, cover them with hairspray before using them to make sure about your bun.

NOTE- It is good for every skin type

Simple top bun

10 Hair Buns For Short Hair With Styling Tips

Classy yet advanced, this is the best method to take a standard bun to the following level.

Item used

  1. Volumizing item
  2. Blow dryer
  3. Brush
  4. Hairspray

Instructions to Style

  1. Apply a volumizing item to soggy hair. Turn your hair over, and blow-dry to include more volume.
  2. Assemble your hair into a high braid and secure with a versatile band.
  3. Separation of the pigtail into two segments. At that point, backcomb the two segments to include volume. Smooth out the areas however ensure that it remains soft.
  4. Fold the principal area over the base of the ponytail. However, fold the second segment over the first, in a similar course.
  5. Set the bun with bobby pins and set with a hairspray.

Low rolled bun

10 Hair Buns For Short Hair With Styling Tips

Tastefulness doesn’t need to be troublesome or tedious, for this bun won’t take you over five minutes to make.

Items Used

  1. Smoothening serum
  2. Hairspray

Instructions to Style

  1. Apply smoothening serum to your hair and brush it out.
  2. Split your hair into two areas.
  3. Wind each area and bind with a versatile band to make a ponytail.
  4. Overlay the ponytail, and fold it over the versatile to make a bun.
  5. In conclusion, Secure the bun with bobby pins, and set it with a medium-hold hairspray.

Retro twist mini bun

50 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Girls

This hairstyle is perfect for everyone and strikes the perfect balance. However, this bun hairstyle goes perfectly with the party look.

Items Used

  1. Molding serum
  2. Warmth protector spray
  3. Medium barrel curler
  4. Medium-hold hairspray

Introduction to style

  1. Part your hair to the side. Splash a warmth protector. Use a medium barrel curler, begin twisting your hair. Start from the bigger part, and twist away from your face. However, run your fingers through your hair to isolate the twists.
  2. Starting from the point over your ear, twist a free rope twist. Continue consolidating an ever-increasing number of pieces as you move along.
  3. Style a smaller than expected bun at your scruff. After that, fold the finish of the interlace into it.
  4. Secure the mesh and the bun with bobby pins and set with a medium-hold hairspray.


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